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What equipment do I need to start drum lessons?

You do not need to buy a drum set to start lessons if you are a beginner. The only equipment you will need to purchase is the following after a few lessons:

  • Practice Pad – A pad that mocks the feel of a snare drum, minus the volume.

  • Drum Sticks – A matched pair of sticks

What is the youngest you can start?

​We say five:  In the taster lesson we can make a decision if continuing with lessons is viable.  It depends on individual students and weather or not they have sufficient concentration levels.  Over the years we have had very positive success with young students.

How long do I have to take lessons until I’m good?

Long story short is you never stop learning!  We can have you playing to tracks in a few weeks! If are a beginner and your goals are to be able to read, have technique and play the basics in multiple styles (Rock, Blues, Jazz, etc). then we can get you up and running in just a few months.  Progress can be made very quickly with some practice!

How often do I need to come for a lesson?

Ideally once a week but we are happy teach 'as and when' if desired.  As and when works well for advanced students.  Those doing exams should aim for once a week.  We generally suggest a 30 minute weekly or bi-weekly lesson.

Are exams for drums available?

Yes we can work towards exams if desired.  We offer Rockschool exams.  

Do I need to read music?

No!  We find it greatly helps faster progress but we can teach without the need for reading if preferred.

Why private lessons, can’t I learn it from the videos on Youtube?

Youtube is an excellent source of music, musicians and tutorials. Even we have videos on Youtube. However, having a professional teacher working with you, setting up multiple goals and exposing you to techniques, styles and music is a process that exceeds the rate of the “self taught” player any day!

Is there a long-term contract to sign up for lessons?

No. We find the quality of lessons offered keeps students coming back for more!

Cancelling lessons?

24 hours notice is required to cancel lessons.

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