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Dave Hockham

Dave is the owner and a tutor at The Yorkshire Drum School. He has nearly thirty years of playing and teaching experience to share with his students. His approach is an inclusive one – whether you are a beginner or wishing to fine tune your technique/reading/groove you will make quick progress the right way through his tried and tested teaching method.

Dave’s own studies have been with some of the top drum tutors in the UK. Initially he spent many years under instruction from Paul Brodie. Brodie is one of the UK session greats having been the BBC Radio Big Band drummer for 27 years and drummer on many top hits of the 60’s,70,s and 80’s.

From seventeen years old Dave studied under ex-Berklee graduate Dave Cutler. As well as being a major session and jazz player himself Cutler is known for producing well rounded players the most well known being Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson, Modern Drummer Award "Best Prog Drummer" 2010.)  Later, Dave studied with legendary drum tutor Bob Armstrong for five years. Armstrong has taught many of the most popular players this country has to offer – Steve White, Andy Gangadeen, Ian Thomas… This is where Moeller systems were learnt – Dave’s approach is very much inspired by his lessons and guidance from Bob Armstrong.

Dave has extensive professional gigging experience from cabaret, pop, function bands and big bands. Having been a professional drummer for thirty years he has worked with many top names (Joe Pasquale, The Platters, Mornington Lockett, The Nolans, Ray Quinn, Gary Boyle (jazz fusion guitarist), Dick Heckstall Smith, Howie Casey (Paul McCartney - Wings,)  Chas McDevitt.) and has toured much of the world and performed at prestigious venues in both the UK and abroad – The Ritz, London, King Solomon Palace Eilat, Israel.

Dave is currently working with the UK theatre show:



Rates - £20 per 30 minutes (no free lesson)

Specialist in Moeller stick control system and advanced studies.

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 Rich Hunter  

Richard has been teaching drums and percussion for the last decade, with vast amounts of experience in not only teaching, but as a live working musician. 

Richard has a fun but informative way in his approach to teaching, with a 100% pass rate in exams. He is a very patient and approachable tutor who believes that learning an instrument should be core, and part of every child’s education. He also believes that it should be enjoyable, where students can see developments at their own pace. 

He has a practical way in his approach to teaching, and understands individual requirements. 


With many years experience on the live music scene, Richard has also spent time as a session musician as well as working in theatre for pantomimes. 

Rates - £12 per 30 minutes (Plus free taster lesson)

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